How #Cross-Cultural Trends are Influencing the Evolution of Music

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For the past 50 years it seems as though America has under gone a cross-cultural phenomenon without taking notice.  The growing evolution of minorities has silently permeated into the U.S. Census figures, yet the majority of Americans are not recognizing from a self-awareness perspective, the positive contributions that cross-culturalism is having on American culture.

Oftentimes, we take for granted many of the things in our world that would have never even existed if it wasn’t for the mixing of diverse cultures. Take the sound and art of music, music is universal and it is an art form that has evolved incredibly over the years precisely because of the influence of cross-cultural exchanges. Today, more than 81 percent of Billboard Top 10 best-selling albums are now made by non-white or mixed-race groups of artists, according to research done by DraftFCB.

(This chart shows the racial breakdown of the general population vs. the racial breakdown of Top 10 pop artists since 1950)

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 9.26.12 PM


Let’s take Salsa music, for example, which is a dance that came to be as a result of the cultural exchanges between Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrant communities in New York City during the seventies. Willie Colon, Bobby Valentin and Hector Lavoe were some of the prominent pioneers of this music. Today, Salsa music has become popularized all over the U.S. and Latin America and has permeated into the majority of pop-cultural night clubs in all the major big metropolitan cities.

It’s even more inspiring and exciting to see how cross-cultural music trends are even being leveraged to influence political elections.  You don’t have to go to far back down memory lane to remember the powerful “Yes we Can” campaign song that President Obama leveraged during his run for U.S. President in 2009. But of course, it wasn’t just about the lyrics, but the combination of cross cultural artist that very much conveyed a much more relevant presidential candidate that understood  today’s new American society.

Yes We Can

Today’s heavy minority influence in pop-music has become the norm & we are seeing an amazing evolution right beneath are very own eyes.  Hopefully, society as a whole will start to recognize the cross-cultural opportunities that are out there just at the music industry has done in the last fifty years.


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